A valve actuator is mainly a mechanical device that mainly uses a power source for operating the valve. This power source can mainly be pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic (the flow of oil). Some of the important facts about neptronic valve actuators have been discussed in this article.

Top facts to know about neptronic valve actuators 

There are two different types of actuators. They are mainly rotary as well as linear. A valve actuator is a mechanism for the opening as well as the closing of the valve. The manually operated valves mainly need someone in attendance to adjust them by using a direct or geared mechanism which is mainly attached to the valve stem. It is necessary to choose the best actuator type for any application which is mainly dependent on some of the below factors including:

  1. The valve type
  2. The source of power available
  3. The environment of the installation
  4. The operational functions as well as characteristics

need for fail safe
duty cycle

cycle life
speed of actuation
need for manual override

Some of the important benefits of valve actuators:

  1. This is mainly a low supply-pressure requirement
  2. This is mainly adjusted to some of the varying conditions
  3. This is easily maintained

Important attributes to consider for choosing the valve actuators 

There are main factors to consider at the time of choosing a valve actuator:

  1. Emissions: With the tightened environmental regulations, electric actuators are mainly more popular. This is mainly due to the fact that they mainly do not require the use of supply gas. Therefore do not release emissions.
  2. Automation: This is another important factor to consider is the automation capabilities. An important benefit of using electric actuation is its ability to automate the valve functions. Automation mainly provides someone the ability to monitor as well as control their valves offsite. With the help of a pneumatic actuator, one can do this by using an I/P valve controller. This mainly converts an electric signal to a pneumatic signal.
  3. Cost: This is another important factor to consider. The actual cost of a pneumatic actuator is mainly less in comparison to electric actuators.

A valve actuator is a procedure for opening as well as closing the valve. In addition, the power source which is mainly used to operate the valve can be electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic. The power source which is mainly used to operate the valve can be electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic.

These are some of the important facts to know about valve actuators.